Saturday, April 28, 2012

Different Legacy, Similar Excitement: Ji Loves Harry Potter By J. K. Rowling

While pregnant with Sheng in Beijing,
1992-1993, Ji enjoyed watching
The New White Snake Legend
TV series produced by Taiwanese,
A magical love story on a white snake spirit
and a handsome guy located at West Lake,
Hongchou, Jiangsu province.
Internationally, Ji loved
Harry Potter movies by J. K. Rowling,
and Emma Watson is impressive.

Image Credit: on The New White Snake Legend, Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, Emma Watson... 


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

what a brilliant one.

well done.

Jenkins Rowling Hudson said...

beautiful stories shared,

hope that you like these.

Celia Washington said...


The New Emma Watson Legend TV station at East Lake, Rhode Island, how cool.