Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Zeros, Balloons, Daydreams...Summer Vacations!

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Three Word Wednesday :3WW CCLXXIX

Zeros, like balloons,
represent colorful wishes.
Tongue-in-cheek moments,
wounds heals in your touches.
Everybody hurts sometimes,
Body buffers, in transition for unity.
You are my summer vacation,
I ride in your red car, relaxing.
Daydreaming is good
when it doesn't hurt someone...
I dream of grief,
with your hands scatter the worries away.
July's mid-night sky,
in your arms we intensify and fly.


Jenkins Rowling Hudson said...

Happy Writing.

chubskulit said...

Very nice poem!

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Harshad mehta said...

I like first para most. Zeros leave much to imaginations.

Zeros, like balloons,
represent colorful wishes.

Roger Owen Green said...

Zeroes with other numbers, make them MUCH bigger before the decimal, or much smaller afterwards.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

joanne said...

felt a sense of elation in reading your poem, even tho the prompt had a negative, sad feel.....very positive spin on prompt

Iris Yacht Murphy said...

love this.

Iris Yacht Murphy said...

bless you, my dear.

oldegg said...

What a lovely thought to think of your partner as your summer vacation. ps I also like Happy Hump Day!