Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Droplets of Thanks from Jiahong, Thomas (Tom for Short), and Ji, Including Sheng Woo!

The trip of Tom and I made in China is great,
Special thanks go to professors
who host, departments who pay,
and universities or academy who encourage,
Besides capital normal (professor Jiu and Wife Liu),
Beijing Normal University (Professor Rong and Yuan),
Beijing University (Professor Zhang and Hu),
We also wish to add appreciations to
Chinese Academy of Science (Professor Miao),
Peking Science and Technology University (Professor Lin and Yang),
At last, we say thanks to Hainan Airlines,
American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Virgin Airlines,
United Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and
Beijing International Airport, Seattle International Airport,
Dallas Forth Worth Airport, Salt lake City International Airport,
Sheng came home from July 7 to July 15, great experience...
Oklahoma Will Roger World from the family of Wu...
Keep it up, your services rock!

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Jenkins Rowling Hudson said...

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take good care.

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