Friday, October 26, 2012

Who Am I? By Nancy R. Norton

A humming bird,
A butterfly,
A distant star-
They beautify!
A drop of dew;
Reflects the sky,
The leafy stream,
Delights the eye!
A shadow is a magic thing;
It will ripple, dance, or swing.
Mine is near you-if you fancy-
Blow a kiss-and call me-Nancy.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nightingale (Haiku Tribe To Lady Nightingale and Bird)

It's quiet at day time,
Sings softly when people rest,
A lullaby fest.
Turn active nightly,
Showing beauty as a bird,
Sweet voice says, Yip-pee!
ODE to nightingale,
What joy to chirp as a bird,
With Goodness in head.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sounds or Sheng ' Ying

when I was young,
I was sensitive about sounds,
My grandmother told me stories all along,
on rhyming songs, riddles, wars, and landlords.
One homely sound is the rooster's crows,
and mornings include radio news from locale county,
Grandmother mainly manages chores,
plus cooking, weaving, gardening, and house cleaning.
She would call me for dinner
when I was doing my homework, or reading books,
She would educate me to eat less, maybe 80% full to stay fit
while we walk to riverside to collect fallen tree sticks!
Grandmother remained super slim and tall until her 80s,
She knew my first child and my coming to the U. S.
at the year of her death, she had so deep impacts
on me, I am forever grateful for her love and beauty.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

ETC. By Bette Jane Cruit


Hyde Park Thursday Poets Rally Week 74 (October 4 -October 10)


 A time to discover wonder experience;
perhaps not the full measure,
but a part thereof,
This is a beginning,
And memories are forever!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Poetry and Haiku 4 The Weekly/Daily/Biweekly Prompts

Words are free to take,
Turn words into laughter now,
Be a happy cow.

Haiku Heights: September Heights - Day30 - P#189 - Free 

Feeling absent-heart,
and dazed by enticing thoughts of clouds,
She opens the door to explore,
Instantly, rages scurries away,
curiosity and wonders start to burn like incense,
Breathing easier, she squints through
ambivalent ripples of October sunshine,
Hair flaps its ambivalence,
Resentments difute, not forgotten,
She continues toward this holy garden,
Fresh air is tenderness,
Kindness is hopefulness,
open chance permits savoring wishful thinking,
Fears drop at timid morning dew,
Prayers bear free water,
Mental bruise empties out,
The relief is overwhelmingly surprising
and creatively Innocent!

Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

Three Word Wednesday.3WW CCXCI

Image Credit:,  Judy Underwood, Chasing Rainbow