Sunday, September 8, 2013

Publishers, or Publishing Houses in New York City, Kansas City, Honesdale, Cambridge, and More...

While a writer intends to have one's work officially published by someone else, say, an expert editor at a specific location, she/he certainly will look at names, categories, and requirements or deadlines so that her/his work is submitted effectively, at times, a "matchmaker" who can help negotiate would do much better Job...

Here is a list of the publishers I used to contact with, they publish children's books, young adult fictions, or adult novels, many have detailed descriptions, I honor them because they were my choice in shaping my writing trying to obtain their approval, the results are not important, but the process is rewarding,  most of the editors are friendly, politely, and encouraging in gentle ways.

Landmark Edition Inc., Kansas City,
Holiday House, New York,
Boyds Mills Press, Honesdale, PA,
Peter Bedrick Books, NY,
Pocket Books for YA, NY,
Roland F. Pease, Jr., Cambridge, MA,
Random House Children's Books, NY,
Delacorte Press,
Zoland Books, MA,

Greenwillow Press, NY,
Viking Children's Books, NY,
Aladdin Paperbacks.Simon Pulse, NY,
HarperCollin Publishers Schuster, NY,
The Walt Disney Company,
Milkweed Editions Press,
St. Martin,
Kids Can Press Ltd., Toronto, CAnada,
Good Year Books, NY,
Hyperion Books for Children, NY,

i have read hundreds of novels, biographies, philosophies, and how to books published by these companies, and i read books from public libraries such as Stillwater Public Library, Edmond Low Library at OSU, Austin Yaborough Branch Library, Chicago Chinatown Library, Princeton Public Library, books are my soul mate, and i love words, wisdom, creation, and fantasy in every talented writers words..Happy Reading, Happy Writing, and Happy Publishing!