Friday, October 11, 2013

poem- sad poets October 7, 2013 by shawn l. bird


So many sad poets
with melancholy eyes
savaging at their sanity
Life is brevity,
my sensitivity.
lacks pleasantries.
When brains strain
against levity
it is time to
press the anti-depressants.
Broken leg,
ruptured spleen,
brain in pain,
medicine for all.
Equal opportunity
of healing for spleen,
leg or brain.
Poets, find joy
in the rain.


Stephany Peter Hudson said...

poetry is magical.

Alissa Meredith Schapiro said...

Ji Li jiang wrote a novel criticizing the movement when youth in 1970s were asked to go to countryside to work and learn from farmers, yet she shall know: farmers are not below class citizens, without farming, no rice or bread for us.

a short time experience shall help one see the inequality between city folks and country folks.

Anonymous said...

wonderful feature and honest feedback.

Rachel Collegewood Schapiro said...


a good novel for jili jiang.

Jacobin Denise Korbetis said...

well worded verse.

Christy Jason Clinton said...

a good move.

Pat Brown Gordon-ceton said...

love it.

Marrisa Sergey Murphy said...

love the imagery of this poem, very poetic and inspiring.

Sarah Binegar Bush said...

sad imagery, witty wording.

Mimi Bradsheng Henry said...

kind post.

Sheila Todd Moon said...


Catie Williams Robinson said...

smart feature.