Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Providence (Pu-Luo-Wei-Teng-Si): A Hash Brown Treat In a Nutshell

Neighbor to Connecticut and Massachusetts,
One of the New England state in the US,
Rhode Island hosts Providence proudly at Northeast coast,
and we consider Providence a hash brown treat as home to Brown University.

Under the nutshell of waterway and green landscapes,
Guests shall enjoy lots of luxury beautiful cheery blossom
and open-minded residents at Providence (Pu-Luo-Wei-Teng-Si),
Yakov Sinal, Valerie Smith, David Lee, and Bohua Zhan won't mind exploring it this April.

Caserta Pizzeria, Looff Carousel, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Dunkin Donuts Center,
Wright's Dairy Farm/Bakery, Waterfire Providence, Bank of America skating center,
T's restaurant in Cranston, Providence Children's museum welcome those with children,
and Sheng shall be grateful for James David Henneberry's friendly face at such a place.

Emma Watson has some experiences at Providence as student to Brown University,
glad that Lincoln chafee, Angel Taveras, Christina Hull Paxson, Ruth Simmons, James Manning, Cecilia Rouse, Alejandoo Zaera-Polo, Spyros Alexakis, Peng Wu,Vincent Poor, Pablo Debenedetti, Zhiwei Yun, George Boxer, Peter Constantin, Martin Bendersky, Tom Zhang, Allison Miller,
David Dobkin, Sid Hudson, and Christopher Eisgruber share something in common as a human.

Providence is a hash brown treat in a nutshell,
Because politicians, policeman, scholars, and artists spent enough time pondering:
Why and how their performance and attitude toward others matter to the young,
What they shall do to improve people's understanding of lawful relations, and positive
feedbacks, we know Providence (Brown University) supports Northwestern University!

And we again honor some outstanding faculty here: Burns Hargis, Richard Levin, Alan Noel,
Peter Salovey, Drew Gilpin Faust, John Hennesey, Max Nikias, William Powers Jr, Dave Wright,
David W. Leebron, Julio Onttino, Morton Schapiro, Robert J. Zimmer, Mary Sue Coleman, Bruce Benson, Scott Cowen, David Boren, Robert Henry, Aaron Pollack, Shrenik Shah, Sanjeev Kulkarni, Jianji Wang, Jiantang Yang, Dong Qi, Xincheng Liu, Zhongli Ding, Meng Wang, Paul Yang, Tao Li, Shou-wu Zhang, Pengfei Guan, Josh Greene, Barack Obama,  Jiaqiong Wang, Zamyad Fan....

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