Thursday, April 3, 2014


An instant hit as a place,
I don't doubt Wasilla's grace.
Wasilla, Was-il-la, Wa-sill-a,
The letters construct past, present, future, including refreshed elements.

Sherri, Todd, Sarah, Bristol, Scott, and All Gore,
Tom, Jerry, Paul, Sheila, Rachel, and Mimi Rushmore,
Each and every talent spreads
under Alaska's wide and far roads.
Washy, wishy, silly, illinois, phillip, william, and yajin romance the Moon lake.

The great wall of China, Walmart, Barns & Noble superstore,
Washington D. C. Monuments and UW at Washington State,
The Wall Street Journal, Wa Ha Ha Products,
Ashley furniture and April fool holiday,
Plus New York An Evelyn Hill Inc. at Ellis immigration museum,
It's a thrill to be fed so much Wasilla nutrition.

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