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The Mary L. Williams Curriculum Library at OSU

The History of the Curriculum Materials Library
The Collection
The Mary L. Williams holds approximately 38,000 titles and provides pre-service education majors from the College of Education the opportunity to utilize the same types of materials and resources that are found in most K-12 School Libraries today.
Included within the CML's collection are:
  • Picture books for students in grades PreK-3;
  • Fiction titles for students in grades 4-12;
  • Information books for students in grades PreK-12;
  • Professional teaching resources, including instructional guides and lesson plans;
  • Textbooks and supplemental curriculum materials;
  • K-12 Databases, including the Oklahoma Digital Prairie resources;
  • DVDs and videos for instructional use in the classroom or for professional development;
  • Kits, games, toys, puppets, posters, MP3 audio books, and other resources to supplement and enhance the instructional curriculum;
  • Foreign language materials for children;
  • Native American books for children;
  • Oklahoma history materials and resources.
Collection development for the Curriculum Materials Library is based upon the criteria developed for school libraries in the State of Oklahoma and the American Library Association. These resources, as well as professional selection tools such as the H.W. Wilson Catalogs, and the recommended and highly recommended reviews found in professional library journals such as Horn Book, School Library Journal, Booklist, and The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books are used to continually update the collection to meet the needs of today's professional educators.


The CML is a branch of the Oklahoma State University Library, and follows similar circulation and book renewal policies, interlibrary services and requirements for courtesy cards. Ask for printed policy guides at the CML Circulation Desk.

Facilities and History

In 1995, Oklahoma State University renovated Willard Hall for use by the College of Education, and the Curriculum Materials Library (CML) was able to move into a space in the basement of Willard Hall by January 1996. Never before had the CML been located in the same building as the College of Education. This has allowed students and faculty in the College of Education easy access to the CML materials and has increased CML useage dramatically.
Established in 1957 as a laboratory for both teachers and librarians, the CML provides materials for pre-kindergarten through grade 12 aged children and young adults. It contained materials to assist educators in preparing lesson plans and at that time served to demonstrate the kinds of materials and services that should be available in a good school library.
A library like the CML was the dream of Della Thomas (CML Librarian, 1957-1969) and Edmon Low (OSU Library Director, 1940-67). The original CML was located on the fourth floor of the Edmon Low Library. In the early 1960s, the CML moved to the fifth floor of the Library. Neysa Eberhardt (CML Librarian, 1969-1972) and Anne Hoyt (CML Librarian, 1972-1984) were the CML librarians during this time. In 1990, Donna Schwarz (CML Librarian, 1984-1994, 2001-2008) supervised the CML's move to South Murray Hall.

In the early years of the CML collection, emphasis was placed on library science materials and featured many new library materials that could be reviewed by education students, local educators, and librarians. School librarians and teachers from around the region could review books and media in the CML prior to purchasing them for their own libraries. Today, the CML emphasizes children's and young adult literature and other materials that enhance classroom preparation and instruction. In addition, the CML has included many new resources including online databases of educational resources for students and teachers, Playaways (MP3 versions of audio books), laptop computers, and digital cameras.
In 1996, a generous gift from the Mary L. William's Estate furnished the CML with new furniture and equipment. The CML then moved to Willard Hall under the supervision of JoAnn Bierman (CML Librarian, 1994-1999). Shonda Brisco (CML Librarian, 2000-2001, 2008-2012) further developed the collections with the resources needed to teach in the digital classroom. Karen T. Morris (Librarian, 2012-present) is currently working to keep the CML at the forefront of libraries serving classroom teachers and pre-service teachers.

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