Thursday, December 31, 2015

short stroy slam week 36, three word wednesday, and the sunday whirl

refreshed by years passing
new roots bear green leaves,
no butter can sentence the dreams from childhood.
new year's resolution?
not much, but yield to poetry rally, or short story fiction,
show and tell performance is safe
pottery, knitting, drawing, 
everything is creative, including glass art fusing,
multi arts rocks
night time chill connects
firm technology dispatches next deal 
try not to panic but join the crew
weeks gone underweather,
Robert Marshall, Chuck Terry, and Leeann Pierce write articles,
Skylar Howard, Levi McBride, Maysa White file smiles.


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2016 New Year's Resolution is Confidence

Six Word Saturday  

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ella's School Friends and Childhood playmates

Uwe Gordon
Trent Swanson
Frank Wang
O'Neil Garcia
Neel Rao
Trent Passmore
Chris Raun
Dana Raun
Steve Wood
Tim Passmore
Benjamin Lanner
Benji Wojin
Albert Cai
Richard Yang
David Lee
Mark Parker
Jeannette Joullian Sias
Brian Dick
Ben Loper
Chris Wang
Burns Hargis
Cynthia Brown
Rebecca Morris
Sue Dick
Chris Shrock
Xifan Liu
Jerry Yang
Nathan Wood
Matt Schapiro
Peter Noble
Mike Gilliam
Jan Henry
Debbie McKinney
Lisa Love
Tom Love
Richard Sias
Caryl Churchill
Zach Lewis-Hill
Amy Wheeler
Heather Storm
David Pasto
Corbett Smith
Larry Heyman
Angela Polk
Benjamin Nilles
Jose Palacios
Camille Saint-Saens
Jim Bruce
Lee Denney
Christian Fallin
Charlotte Clinton
Margarete Laura Hager
Jenna Bush
Barbara Bush
Malia Obama
Sasha Obama
Chelsea Clinton 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beijing Jiaotong University, 北京交通大学, Cuanxian Peng, Lexin Peng, Joshua Yan, Ning Bin, Min Wang, Yuewan Peng

Beijing Jiaotong University

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Beijing Jiaotong University
Beijing Jiaotong University.png
Motto 知行
Motto in English
Knowledge and Action
Established 1896
Type Public
President Ning Bin Chinese: 宁滨; pinyin: Nìng Bīn
Administrative staff
Undergraduates 13,800
Postgraduates 7,100
Location Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China
Campus Urban
Colors Orange
Beijing Jiaotong University (Chinese: 北京交通大学), formerly Northern Jiaotong University (Chinese: 北方交通大学), is one of the oldest universities in mainland China. The main campus is located close to Xizhimen, central Beijing. The university's abbreviated name which locals usually call it by is JiaoDa (交大). JiaoDa is a participant in the Ministry of Education's Project 211 which means the top of Chinese university.
Jiaoda South Gate.


The Old Gate pictured in 1920.
The university was a component of Jiaotong University (also named Chiao Tung University). In September 1909, the Postal Department of the Qing government founded the Railway Management Institute in Beijing. In 1920s, it merged with two technical schools in Shanghai and Tangshan to form the Jiaotong University, which had three campuses in Beijing, Shanghai and Tangshan, respectively, changing its name to Beiping Railway Management School. The Beijing campus was named National Jiaotong University, Beijing (交通大学北京学校). In 1949, the Beijing campus was renamed Northern Jiaotong University (Chinese: 北方交通大学). In September, 2003, it was once again renamed Beijing Jiaotong University (Chinese: 北京交通大学) to make its favorable locality explicit. The Shanghai campus has since separated into two universities which are now Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xi'an Jiaotong University, with a further sister branch in Nanchang.
The Library as of 2007.
Another look at the Library at night.
The gingko trees on the campus turn yellow as the autumn season deepens. November, 2010.

Schools and faculties

As of 2009, Beijing Jiaotong University has under its administration:
  • Electronic Information Engineering Institute
  • Computer and Informational Technology Institute
  • Economy Management Institute
  • Communication and Transportation Institute
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture Institute
  • Mechanical and Electronic Control Engineering Institute
  • Electric Power Institute
  • Physical Sciences Institute
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Institute
  • Languages and communication studies Institute
  • Long-Distance and Continued Education Institute
  • Software Engineering Institute
  • Architecture and Art Institute
  • Graduate School
Altogether, the university has 22 research institutes and research centers, and 39 laboratories which include the transportation system simulation laboratory and transportation automation laboratory, which are the best of their kinds in China.
The university library has a million books, 3000 Chinese and foreign journals, as well as numerous documents on microfiche, audio- and video-documents on various modern media.
Beijing Jiaotong facilities include its own transmitter tower, TV station, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, gym, arboretum, moot courts, museum, art gallery, railway line, and stadium.
There are 23810 full-time students on the campus, of whom are 7,527 graduate students working on masters or PhD programs, 500 international students, and 8,767 engaged in correspondence programs, night schools, and other full-time programs.
There are 2842 faculty members and scientists at the university among whom are 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 286 full professors, and 588 associate professors. The Transportation, Engineering, Law and ICT Faculties are particularly renowned.


The students at Beijing Jiaotong University are active in a societies that enrich their campus life in addition to their normal academic activities. The groups on the campus can be divided into four categories:
  • Academic Societies (15 societies) which, among others, include the Science Fiction Society, Foreign Languages Society, Literature Society, Computer Science Application Society
  • Volunteers Societies (13) which include the Red Cross Society, Journalist Society, Psychological Health Society
  • Art Societies (11) which include the Film Society, Television Society, Media Society, Photography Society, New Dance Society, Magicians' Society, Calligraphy and Painting Society
  • Sports Societies (16) which include the Bridge Society, Soccer Society, Tennis Society, Baseball Society, Cyclists' Society, Aircraft Model Society, Bodybuilding Society
  • Undergraduate Programs (Updated in Dec. 2014)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Friday My Town Shoot Out


Six Word Fridays ~ Faith 

grace, intelligence, and knowledge are faith

Flickering Lights Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up]

 lights glitter eagerly
autumn footsteps fastens
googlers look for santa clause

lights glitter eagerly
Gorilla climbs up to a tree log
an adventure from shen Nong Jia

 autumn footsteps fastens
Carlie Hasty grows wisdom teeth
sweet smiles ring jingle bells

googlers look for santa clause
Frosty the snowman melts in Jim Campbell's heart
it is time to put up a troiku post


ARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI Carpe Diem Special #185 Georgia's first "Autumn Reflections" (Troiku)

Friday, November 27, 2015

short story slam week 34, and flash friday 55 plus

Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments

flynnagin's footwear sells boots
which is not what Skylar has expected,
when Saint Samba decides to pay it a visit,
she has her mother's permission

the shop is colorful with leather smells,
a duck dynasty mug snatches her eyeballs,
as Marilynn decides to passes Samba a moondog
which is a statue out of pottery blue

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Flash 55 Plus

Shadowy sign

  Image result for mellow yellow shore birds

Thursday, November 12, 2015

poetry form, PICTURE POEM

a sample from George Herbert (1593---1633)

Lord, who created man in wealth and store,
Though foolishly he lost the same,
Decaying more and more
Till he become
most pooer
with thee
O let me rise
As larks, harmonlously,
And sing this day thy victories,
Then shall the fall further the flight in me

My tender age in snow did beginne,
and still with sickness and shame
Thou didst so punish sinne
that I became
Most thinne
With thee
Let me combine
And feel the day thy victorie;
For if I imp' my wing on thine,
Affliction shall advance the fight in me

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Fairy Tale of The Return of Her at Peony Garden


 Monday Mellow Yellows

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 Blue Monday - Tiny Blue Vase with Blue Flowers

A handsome scholar,
dreams of a fairy alike girl,
met at peony garden.
Hunger for each other,
The girl becomes sick and died,
the lad comes for clue.
Connected by her painting,
He dates her ghost spirits at mid night,
a sad story revealed.
Fairy flowers are moved,
they reward the girl reviving candles,
she comes alive with him waiting.
love is fragile,
fairy tales are fictional, but it's satisfying
to human nature and hope.
blue love,
unexpected outcome,
only blue jay comforts the forgotten butterflies.


Friday, October 16, 2015

the way one believes (short story slam week 31)

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 OctPoWriMo 2014

short story slam week 31, vouching for Halloween  fun

November is near,
October is still dear,
A fairy comes to our house,
Her hair is brown and shiny

a bee skirt dress,
with two yellow balls as ears,
her wings are fans,
her eyes are giant mirrors

with her arms lifting up,
she sits on the bare floor,
waiting for a king bee to her shore,
her shoe less feet look restful

amazing views,
mouth watering chocolates,
banana cup cakes,
heart shaped apples

when a white dog and a girl witch come,
they defend joann kathleen rowling,
they believe in harry potter,
and they wear glasses to trick or treat better

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mays Oilfield Supply

in Business
Regular Hours

Sat - SunClosed
Extra Phones:
Primary Phone: (405) 282-6664
Phone: (405) 282-6664
Payment method:
cash only
Calvin Mays Oilfield Svc
Mays Calvin Oilfield Services

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jill Biden


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jill Biden
Jill Biden official portrait 2.jpg
Official portrait, December 2012

Second Lady of the United States
Assumed office
January 20, 2009
Vice President Joe Biden
Preceded by Lynne Cheney
Personal details
Born Jill Tracy Jacobs
June 3, 1951 (age 64)
Hammonton, New Jersey, U.S
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Bill Stevenson (1970–1976)
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (1977–present)
Children Ashley Biden
Beau Biden (stepson) (deceased)
Hunter Biden (stepson)
Alma mater University of Delaware (Ed.D.)
West Chester University (M.Ed.)
Villanova University (M.A.)
University of Delaware (B.A.)
Occupation Educator
Religion Roman Catholicism[1]
Jill Tracy Biden (née Jacobs, previously Stevenson; born June 3, 1951) is an American educator who is married to the 47th and current Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, making her the Second Lady of the United States since 2009.
She was born in Hammonton, New Jersey, and grew up in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. She married Joe Biden in 1977, and became stepmother to his two young sons from his first marriage, Beau and Hunter, whose mother and baby sister died in a car accident. Joe and Jill Biden have a daughter, Ashley, born in 1981.
Jill Biden has a bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware, master's degrees from West Chester University and Villanova University, and a doctoral degree from the University of Delaware. She taught English and reading in high schools for 13 years, and also taught adolescents with emotional disabilities at a psychiatric hospital. From 1993 to 2008, she was an English and writing instructor at Delaware Technical & Community College. Since 2009, she has been a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College and is thought to be the first Second Lady to hold a paying job while her husband is Vice President. She is the founder of the Biden Breast Health Initiative non-profit organization, co-founder of the Book Buddies program, is active in Delaware Boots on the Ground, and is co-founder of Joining Forces with First Lady Michelle Obama.


Early life

Jill Tracy Jacobs was born on June 3, 1951 in Hammonton, New Jersey.[2][3] Moving several times while very young, she and her four younger sisters spent the majority of their childhood in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.[4][5] Her father, Donald C. Jacobs (1927–1999),[6] was a bank teller who became head of a savings and loan in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia.[7] His family name had originally been Giacoppa before her Italian grandfather anglicized it.[7][8] Her mother, Bonny Jean (Godfrey) Jacobs (1930–2008),[4] was a homemaker.[6] The family was not particularly religious, but in ninth grade, Jacobs independently took classes in order to join the Presbyterian church.[7]
Jacobs always intended to have her own career.[9] She began working at age 15, which included waitressing at the Jersey Shore.[7][9] She attended Upper Moreland High School, where she was somewhat rebellious and enjoyed her social life, but always liked English class.[10] She graduated in 1969.[11]

Education and career, marriage and family

Further information: Biden family
Jacobs enrolled in a junior college in Pennsylvania to study fashion merchandising, but soon found it unsatisfying.[7] She married Bill Stevenson, a former college football player, in February 1970.[12] Within a couple of years he opened the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware, near the University of Delaware.[12] It became one of the most successful college bars in the nation.[12]
She enrolled at the University of Delaware, where she declared English as her major.[7] She then took a year off from college and did some modelling work for a local agency in Wilmington.[7][12] She and Stevenson drifted apart.[12]
Subsequently, she returned to college and met Senator Joe Biden as a senior at Delaware in March 1975.[9] They met on a blind date set up by Joe's brother, though Biden had seen her photograph in a local advertisement.[9] She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Delaware later in 1975.[13][14] She began her career teaching high school English.[9] Meanwhile, she was going through turbulent divorce proceedings with Stevenson; the court case ended in 1976, with her not getting the half-share in the Stone Balloon she had wanted.[12]
Jill and Joe Biden meeting Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in April 1980
She and Joe Biden were married by a Catholic priest on June 17, 1977, at the Chapel at the United Nations in New York City.[3][9][15] This was four and a half years after his first wife and infant daughter died in a motor vehicle accident;[3] Joe had proposed several times before she accepted, hesitant to take on the commitment of raising his two young sons who had survived the accident.[7] She continued to teach and then, while pregnant, received a Master of Education with a specialty in Reading from West Chester University in 1981.[7][13][16] The Bidens' daughter Ashley Blazer was born on June 8, 1981,[17] and Jill stopped working for two years while raising the three children.[18]
She then returned to work, teaching English, acting as a reading specialist, and teaching history to emotionally disturbed students.[9] She taught in the adolescent program at the Rockford Center psychiatric hospital for five years in the 1980s.[3][7] In 1987, Biden received a second Master of Arts degree, this one in English from Villanova University.[3][13] During her husband's 1988 bid for the Presidency, she said she would continue her job of teaching emotionally disturbed children even if she became First Lady.[19] In all, she spent 13 years teaching in public high school,[9] including 3 years at Claymont High School.[7]
From 1993 through 2008, Biden was an instructor at the Stanton/Wilmington campus of Delaware Technical & Community College,[13][20][21] where she taught English composition and remedial writing, with an emphasis on instilling confidence in students.[20][22] She has said of teaching at a community college, "I feel like I can make a greater difference in their lives. I just love that population. It just feels really comfortable to me. I love the women who are coming back to school and getting their degrees, because they're so focused."[20]
Biden is president of the Biden Breast Health Initiative, a nonprofit organization begun in 1993 that provides educational breast health awareness programs free of charge to schools and other groups in the state of Delaware.[23][24] In the following 15 years, the organization informed more than 7,000 high school girls about proper breast health.[25] In 2007, Biden helped found Book Buddies, which provides books for low-income children,[25] and has been very active in Delaware Boots on the Ground, an organization that supports military families.[22] She runs five miles, five times a week, and she has run in the Marine Corps Marathon.[9]
Biden later returned to school for her doctoral degree, studying under her birth name, Jill Jacobs.[18] In January 2007, at age 55, she received a Doctor of Education in educational leadership from the University of Delaware.[3][25][26][27] Her dissertation, Student Retention at the Community College: Meeting Students' Needs, was published under the name Jill Jacobs-Biden.[26]

Role in 2008 presidential campaign

Biden at the August 2008 announcement of her husband becoming Barack Obama's running mate
Following George W. Bush's reelection in 2004, she urged her husband to run again for President,[21] later saying: "I literally wore black for a week. I just could not believe that he won, because I felt that things were already so bad. I was so against the [Iraq War]. And I said to Joe, 'You've got to change this, you have to change this.'"[20] During Joe Biden's 2008 campaign to be the Democratic nominee, she continued to teach during the week and would join him for campaigning on weekends.[21] She said that she would have taken an activist role in addressing education as her chief focus of concern as a potential First Lady.[28] She also said that she was basically apolitical and would not seek inclusion in Cabinet meetings.[21]
Once her husband was selected as the Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's running mate, she began campaigning again. She wore a Blue Star Mothers Club pin in recognition of Beau Biden's deployment to Iraq.[20] She was not a polished political speaker, but was able to establish a connection with the audience.[20] She also made some joint appearances with Michelle Obama.[29] Throughout the time her husband was running for vice president, Jill Biden continued to teach four days a week at Delaware Technical & Community College during the fall 2008 semester, and then campaigned over the long weekend, while grading class papers on the campaign bus.[4][20][30]

Second Lady of the United States

Jill and Joe Biden dancing at the President Obama Home States Ball, January 20, 2009; the gown was by Reem Acra
Official portrait, March 2009
Despite moving to Number One Observatory Circle (the vice presidential residence in Washington) as Second Lady of the United States, Biden intended to keep teaching at a Washington-area community college, and several of them recruited her.[31][32][33] In January 2009, she began teaching two English courses as an adjunct professor at the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), the second largest community college in the nation.[27][34] It has been rare for Second Ladies to work while their spouses serve as Vice President,[29][32] and Biden is thought to be the first Second Lady to hold a paying job while her husband is Vice President.[27] Biden planned to be a public advocate for the importance of community colleges and to advise the Obama administration on issues related to them.[34] In White House announcements and by her preference, she is referred to as "Dr. Jill Biden".[27][35]
Catherine Russell, a former adviser to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was named Biden's chief of staff for her Second Lady role.[36] Courtney O’Donnell, a former spokesperson for Howard Dean and Elizabeth Edwards, was named her communications director[37] and Kirsten White, a lawyer at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, her policy director.[38] As Second Lady, Biden has a staff of eight overall and occupies a corner suite in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.[35]
On The Oprah Winfrey Show just before the inauguration, Jill Biden said that Barack Obama had offered her husband either the Vice-Presidency or the position of U.S. Secretary of State.[39][40] However, Joe Biden's spokesperson stated that Biden had only been offered one job by Obama.[40] In May 2009, Obama announced that Biden would be in charge of an initiative to raise awareness about the value of community colleges.[41]
In June 2009, Biden gave the commencement address at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, New York,[42] and received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the City University of New York.[43] Biden continued teaching two English reading and writing classes at NOVA in fall 2009.[44] In January 2010, she gave the commencement speech at the University of Delaware's winter commencement, the first such address by her at a major university.[45] In August 2010, Biden appeared as herself in an episode of Lifetime's Army Wives, making it part of her campaign to raise awareness of military families.[46]
In April 2011, she and Michelle Obama founded a national initiative, Joining Forces, to showcase the needs of U.S. military families.[47][48] In September 2011, Biden lent her support to USAID's FWD campaign, a push for awareness surrounding the deadly famine, war, and drought affecting over 13 million people in the Horn of Africa.[49] She continued to teach at NOVA,[50] and by 2011 held a permanent position as an associate professor, teaching three English and writing composition courses two days per week.[51] Her position there was as normal as she could make it, sharing a cubicle with another teacher, holding regular office hours for students, and trying to get her accompanying Secret Service agents to dress as unobviously as possible.[51] Her life with her husband at Number One Observatory Circle tended towards the informal and was centered around family and their nearby grandchildren.[51] In June 2012, she published a children's book, Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops, based around her son Beau's deployment.[52] The same month, the Bidens' daughter Ashley, a social worker and staffer at the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families, was married.[53]
In the 2012 U.S. presidential election, in which her husband was running for re-election as vice president, Biden played a modest role.[52] She did not cut back on her teaching schedule and made few solo campaign appearances.[52] This reflected her continuing distaste for both politics and public speaking, even though the Obama campaign considered her valuable in connecting to military families, teachers, and women.[52] Following the re-election of Obama and her husband on November 6, 2012, Biden began a second term as second lady. She wore a silk blue gown by Vera Wang when she appeared at the inaugural balls in January 2013.[54]
During her second term, Biden continued to be involved with supporting military personnel, including staging multiple visits to the Center for the Intrepid rehabilitation facility for amputees and attending the inaugural Invictus Games in London.[55] During the 2014 U.S. midterm Congressional elections she was active in campaigning for a number of Democratic candidates, including high-profile contests such as Mark Udall in Colorado and Michelle Nunn in Georgia.[56][57]