Friday, February 27, 2015

the shoe smith

there are shoe shiners on Chang Ann street,
the ones who wipe your
leather shoes clean,
and polish it with dark shoe oil.
what I refer is the shoe smith,
who does repairs
on your broken shoe wear,
who smells your feet
at Tongxian Trade Fairs.
the shoes are high heel ones,
the colors are black or Hazel,
the price is low and
the speed is fast or slow.
shoe service is good in Beijing,
Feet care is more advanced there.
we wear running shoes at the U.S.
Glad that people remember the shoe smith, everywhere.
two feet,
one fate,
two nations,
simple relations!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Nature...character, education,
Nature...version, talent.

Earth...dynamic, peaceful,
Earth, valid, powerful.

Trees...nutrition, Oxygen,
Trees...Brown, Green.

All...big or small
In one...we unplug or install

that's won't sprout, without!!!!

Hyde Park Poetry