Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Scents from Pier 1 Imports (World Peace Business Act No. 4)

Soludos for Giayu,
27801 avenue Scott
Valencia of CA at West Coast.
Pier 1 Imports scents,
one green, one blue, and one red,
Cilantro et citrus VS Oceans.
Small pockets of words,
penned by Robert Frost on a boy's will,
and north of Boston, a treasuring thing.
Jimmie Pencil,
poetry through William Pritchard,
and Peter Davison.
Finding such tranquil mind
that brings peace to our daily grind,
this shows how words and business serve world peace currentland.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Pam and Patricia

Willard Hall,
Summer education camp is in store,
School age kids from 8-12,
Daily math or language ed fits students, big or small.
Jason cox, Tonya Jones,
Suzie Parson and Pam Brown,
Patricia Jordan and Hongyu Wang,
Lots of friendly mind dances along.
Willie, Uwe, and Katye praise spouse students,
Eric and Edward sets standards for special majors,
Donna and Pam Fry do care about rising issues,
the ourcome of John Steinbrink seems fair.
Richmond Elementary School book fair,
Gay Washington embraces Nozelar Clare,
Segall William and Trevor Amanda are very kind,
God bless Kay Baker and Cathryn Castle's wonderland.


Saturday, April 4, 2015

About Peter Arlington

John Biggs is brave,
Peter Arlington is clever.
When John Biggs rides his Jivs bike,
Peter Arlington goes on hike.
Kathleen Wilson says hello,
France, Cordova plays cello.
Lara Billings orchestras a board,
Mary Ann horn sings a lady gaga song...
Kris Bryant greets baseball fans,
Peter Arlington researches Eugene Gartland.
Tom worries about Sheng,
Victor Carl supports everybody everything.