Thursday, December 31, 2015

short stroy slam week 36, three word wednesday, and the sunday whirl

refreshed by years passing
new roots bear green leaves,
no butter can sentence the dreams from childhood.
new year's resolution?
not much, but yield to poetry rally, or short story fiction,
show and tell performance is safe
pottery, knitting, drawing, 
everything is creative, including glass art fusing,
multi arts rocks
night time chill connects
firm technology dispatches next deal 
try not to panic but join the crew
weeks gone underweather,
Robert Marshall, Chuck Terry, and Leeann Pierce write articles,
Skylar Howard, Levi McBride, Maysa White file smiles.


 photo 963dedbd-7132-492d-a5cf-563ffc20b145_zpsmdacwcz8.jpg


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