Monday, February 8, 2016

Who is Bill Gates' Grand Father? Check Out William Henry Gates I and Lillian Elizabeth Rice

Bill Gates has legacy,
his Microsoft word document and power point superb

Bill Gates has wonderful wife,
Her name is Melinda Gates, who understands

Bill Gates has brave father,
Whose name is William Henry Gates II

Bill Gates has beautiful grandmother,
She is such a lady called Lillian Elizabeth Rice from Nice

Bill Gates bear three budding children,
They have grown, spreading love in computer engineering all over states

so, let's honor Jennifer Kathrine Gates, Phoebe Adele Gates, and Rory John Gates,
and we say hello to George Nigh, Satya Nadella, Leo Winters, Alberto Culver

that's very cool when it comes to Oklahoma, Washington of Seattle,
and our list extends to Paul Allen, James Burnell-Nugent, David Fursdon

another profession is Governor and Michaels retail business,
which implies the fame on Gary Winterhalter, Paul Mitchell, Samuel Wyly, John Menzer

Happy Monkey year of 2016,
Stay close to Kritianne Gates, Libby Gates, Mary Maxwell Gates, and Mimi Gardner Gates

thanks, Jim Wales, Larry Page, Vaden Burns Hargis...
rest, relax, and eat well today to worship Firefox

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William Henry Gates I  ||  Lillian Elizabeth Rice
               William Henry Gates II   (George Triceyo)

William Henry Gates II  ||  Mary Maxwell / Mimi Gardner Gates

                              Kristianne Gates
                              Bill Henry William Gates
                              Libby Gates

Bill Gates ||  Melinda Gates  (Microsoft founder)

Jennifer Katherine Gates
Phoebe Adele Gates
Rory John Gates

Charles Bradford Henry || Kimberly Henry
             Leah Henry
             BayLee Henry
             Laynie Henry