Sunday, April 3, 2016

baja mexican food, a balanced mix (poetry rally week 83, book project 2)

Image result for baja mexican bowls

Image result for baja mexican bowls

midnight crsis
a frown at Randy's forehead

Alphonso Wood scanner
Kathryn Oehme printer

a visit to Kurt Wood performing art center
a knock at Brent Wood's front door

soft piano
loud hunger

Daisy Wood and Abigail Wood pair up on ballet dance,
Authur Wood and Mawell Wood pick photograph

two plates of baja mexican food,
each fulfills Chrismen Bien-Aime's thirst
a text memo from Andrea Kim,
a call for Rachel Staats to visit Wayne and Ballard

Subway simply good orange juice,
Shamrock well done milk

Hwee Fung indeed join for Wood Kam movement,
a fine sock from Eskimo Joe

Im Wood, Larry Wood, Lorraine Wood, Aam Wood, Bien David, James Mire,
all of them stay upbeat a lot without getting into a cliff

Steven Wood, Joseph Oehme, Jenna Wood, Ari Wood, Abbey Wood,
they send friendly letters to Howard Wood, Victoria Aime, Tom Wood, Leigh sheppard

the well is full of clear water,
we wave hello to Peggy Herrick, Heather Gregory, Dawn Wood, Ann Blair, Martha Wood

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