Thursday, April 28, 2016

short story slam week 43

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

Enid, Douglas Frantz looks fine,
Maryville, Larry's work shop does well

For some reason, Sundar Pichai wishes to be Jiahong Kong,
Joyce Gilbert tries to function as Wilson Wu

The City Sentinel posts,
Patrick McGuigan edits articles from Darla Sheldan, Lee Vincent, and Joe Stan

Elected officials always look deep,
Ed Shadid, Kay Floyd, Jason Nelson, David Holt, George Young, and Richard Morrissette

they all remember James Lankford, Brad Henry, and George Night,
Board of Regents do make promotion gestures

Say, Lou Watkins and Calvin Anthony feel great,
Trudy Milner, Joe Hall, Jason Ramsey, and Doug Burns become famous

Rick David, Rick Perry, Jim Reese, Andy Lester, and Tucker Link have products,
Daniel Gilbert, Brenda Jones, Parthena Owens, Chad Dusty, Samuel Magrill...have string players

Carl Rath style,
Kate Pritchett format

Peng Mei E, Peng Liyuan, Peng Danping, they support Upenn, and Sperry business,
Xi Jinping, Xi Mingze, Tara Robinson, Laigha Layton, Alden Hargis, Dan Little, they focus on academics

Texas Christian University,
Piano contests and Sheng Wu efforts

University of San Antonio,
Shixiong Song, Amelia Wu, Qionghua Wu, Xiao Sun, Jing Wang, Huijiao Hu, Jinyuan He enroll

Never doubt the ability and credential of  Amit Gosh, Anthony Kable, Ning Ju, Jiahong Wu,
Never try to say No to Peter Constantin, Jiangsheng You, Terrence Tao, and Thomas Hou