Friday, May 27, 2016

short story slam week 45


 Image result for pur youtube 

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Image result for pur youtube 

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Image result for pur youtube 

pur bar
pur eye polish
personal and pure

pool tool
powerful google
petting zoo entertains Hillary Duff

Patricia lee
panda express,
posting goose waddle along Paossm pals

pain killer and birth control,
pawns and chess,
the fight of king and queen pleases

putin and paris
papa john and papa murphy
past friends render pure strong wisdom

Friday, May 20, 2016

Intel Museum,


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Exhibits at the Intel Museum
The Intel Museum located at Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara, California, has exhibits of Intel's products and history as well as semiconductor technology in general.[1][2] The museum is open weekdays and Saturdays except holidays. It is open to the public with free admission.[3] The museum was started in the early 1980s as an internal project at Intel to record its history. It opened to the public in 1992, later being expanded in 1999 to triple its size and add a store. It has exhibits about how semiconductor chip technology works, both as self-paced exhibits and by reservation as grade-school educational programs.[4]
A fully functional 130x scale replica of the Intel 4004 CPU was built using discrete transistors and put on display in 2006.[5]     

visit intel museum today

Monday, May 9, 2016

short story slam week 43, jp at olive garden, year 5 on world peace

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

law makers,
barck obama, joe biden,  Bob Schieffer, Victor J. Boschini, and joseph singer
harvard scholars
ann blair, francis doyle, martha minow, drew faust

quartz summer arts and music
molly wizenberg, matt marr, john arnold, julie yu, timothy long, eine kleine
san francisco and hanover with uc at Berkeley  and Hanover,
Paul Sunde, Phil Hanlon, Randall Thomson, Douglas Christiansen, and Nicholas Zeppos

Searle Center Teaching, Google,
Seattle, Pike Place Market,
Carol Bennett, Jordan Schneider, Julie Cohen, Emily Claude, and Shana Gibelyou,
Robert Kerr, Casey Roland, Victoria Rylan, Gregory Light, Jim Halligan, Cory Williams

Bryker woods elementary school,
Westwood elementary school,
Richmond elementary school,
Stillwater Junior High, Oklahoma school of math and science

ACT, SAT, AP tests,
Sandy Garrett, Jason Grife, Deanna smith, Nicholas Dirks, Julia Martin, Judith Remington
vanderbilt university, nashville, tennessee, kirkland hall,
dartmouth college, hancover, new hampshire, lone wolf, california, masachusetts

maybe yes,
maybe no, Texas Christian University is nice,
the piano contests at Ponca city, Fort Worth, San Marcas, and Austin seem good,
thanks to Fay Thomas, Dennis McClurg, Scott Jackson, Uwe Gordon, Frank Wang