Thursday, September 22, 2016

Compositions work, reading poetry is beneficial

3WW Week No. 498 

infected, jarring, irritable

Wordle 266 


composition works
reading poetry is beneficial

when Junxian Tian grows passion in Tisdale
Tyler Neal has fever on Facebook

strawberry carts
taro roots and lotus root pots

Writhed baskets dye setting sun
the evening sky tries to deplorable smiting fires

champions and Chicago bulls
basketball vs football, Trenton passmore

O'neil has grandparents, passing Hong Kong island,
Sam and Mike has Benji Wojin coown Google tickets

when Spring rain pours hard on Chris Raun,
Kate, Dana, Tanya, Billy, Anne, and Lisa join a YMCA game

Tim and Jeannette support Lily, Holly, and Polly,
Iain and Nani Pybus remain friendly to Jolie and Brad

Richard Yang has fun riding with Abbey Wood and Tom Lee,
James David Henneberry enjoys a movie with Michael, Morton, Shida, and David Henneberry

As Kevin, Payne, Tryon, Ioway, Carney, and Rylan smile,
Henryetta, Emily, Julie, Anne, Jennifer, Marissa, and Jerry relax with Jerry, and Zach

lots of heat this October
we remove blocks from Ruth, Lucinda, Amelia, Joyce, Evelyn, and Kathleen

Reading more good things about Burns McDonnel,
Make up things on Otis Lewis, Firestaone, and Mary Oliver, poetry org

so Quansen Jiu waits for chance to meet Xiyi Jiu and Hua Liu
Wanrong Yang anticipates new hope from Shenyang Jiu and  Jie Luo

it is not easy to say yes to Vickie Hendrickson,
it is not easy to ignore Bob Cooper and Jason Grife, including Eric Garcia, John Clinton

jarring clouds
blue sky mirror infected jayhawks

irritable complaints
it is best that we all sit in our den, praying

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