Monday, November 28, 2016

short story slam week 57, stephanie silverman, steven hale, and jimmy buffett

short story slam week 57, stephanie silverman,
steven hale, barack obama, and jimmy buffett
they relate to Tennessee

Tennessee means  "Tian Na Xi",
a field carries Naxi, Taxi, or runners of football
a sweet Roxanne Hans, uplifting Al Gore, Henry Bennett, and Sue Dick

as the weather unfolds winter bells,
Ja Laeigh, Information Highway, Lilyn Cheekawood,
Jessa Robinson, Craig Romney, Tagg Romney, and Henryetta Hillford sing

lovely Berry Creek residents,
Avondale, Ashton, Wellington, BlaCK Well, Ari Wood, Oliver Wood,
Joe Biden, Jill Tracy Biden, Mary Ann Olson, Ashley Burke Olson, Larry Olson

all children enjoy a garden of roses
maryposa feels good enough to post Baby Talk, and giving John Chamber
and Chuck Robbin lots of reason to relax

the fairfield inn is on,
we walk down the street,
connecting to Ohio, Carolina, Dakota, Montana, Oregon, California, Oklahoma, Michigan,

Iowa state,
Wisconsin cheese,
Tennessee river cuts a field in half so that Arkansas and Kentucky make peace

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