Monday, March 20, 2017

short story slam week 65, ordinary man could trig extraordinary reforms

Thinking of Dennis Rodman
and Scottie Pippen,
we respect Chicago Bulls
and respect Phil Jackson,
who has strong embrace
on Michael Jordan
and Juanita Vanoy, Yvette Prieto,
we recall CoPan and Owasso friends
knowing that sid Hudson and vannesa Hudson
Vickki Piety and Ken Piety,
we mind blow bubbles
Saint Thomas hospital
believe in
Max Barry
Ashley Biden
Jayne Gosney
Yuri Uchida
Sherry Kim
Lee Fan
Sheng wu
Alex Zhu
James Park
Tiffany Trump
Barron Trump
Phillipine Tucker
Stevenson Patterson
Ari Wood won't quit
Yan Qing won't vent
Wang xiaochun won't redo technology base
Heidi Nelson won't regret
Arzelar Leming remains cool
so does Sophiedun Leigha
Michelle Overman
Jeff Bryant
all seem obtain high ground
thanks to
Santa Barbara
and Saint Yunez
Ysabel Jordan
Pat Jordan
Mike Jackson
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